Quick Start

Hardware Setup

For a single indoor rower, connect the PM2+ cable to the top jack on the back of the PM2+. Connect the other end to the serial port adapter (9 or 25 pin) which then gets plugged into your computer’s RS232 serial port. The PM2+ and e-Row does not support USB serial ports, although you can use an RS232 to USB converter.

For multiple indoor rowers, connect a cable from the bottom jack of the first PM2+ to the top jack of the second PM2+, and so on to create a daisy chain. Note that the PM2+ at the end of the chain (farthest from the computer) becomes PM2+ number 1 (lane 1).

Starting e-Row

  1. First install the latest version of e-Row.
  2. Double click on the e-Row desktop icon.
  3. If prompted with a Communications Port screen, confirm the selection of the used serial port.
  4. Once e-Row starts:
    1. Select Options > Hardware.
    2. Press the Assign PM2+ Numbers button.
    3. Enter the number of PM2+’s connected to your computer.
    4. Press OK.

    e-Row will attempt to communicate with each PM2+ and will indicate if it was successful. If at any time you change the number of PM2+s connected, you will need to repeat this process.

  5. From the File menu, you are now ready to Just Row, Race, or Workout.

Communication Error Handling

Note: These features have been added to e-Row v4.0.

If e-Row detects any intermittent and recoverable communication failures between the PC and the PM2+, a small yellow box will appear at the far right side of the menu bar. If possible, e-Row will determine where the failure occurred. Next to the yellow box will be either a question mark, or some numbers representing where the communication problem is in the event of multiple PM2+ connected to one PC. These failures are commonly due to cabling or configuration problems.

If the communication failure is critical, then after a few seconds another screen will appear that informs the rower to “Keep Rowing.” This message will remain on the screen until the failure is cleared or the rowing event is cancelled.

Reporting Test Results and Problems

Please report any problems to rowing@concept2.com.