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Indoor Rowing Testimonials

Margaret Gualtieri

I recently purchased a Concept2 via your home office and I absolutely love your rower. I’m 70 years old and recently had a total knee replacement and was trying to get back into good physical condition after surgery, but my old standby jogging is no longer an option for me. Biking is too dangerous due to traffic conditions where I live so I had to find something, and luckily I found your website and thought let’s try.

I’ve never rowed anything in my life except a small canoe when vacationing, so I knew nothing about rowing to be honest. I researched everything I could and just dove in and purchased your Concept2 because your kind salesman said if it really didn’t work for me, I could return it in 30 days, which I couldn’t do if purchased elsewhere. I’m now your newest advocate for rowing.

My knees don’t hurt when I exercise on the rower and I’m getting quite a workout. I did follow the initial instructions (low resistance number and short spans of time), but I quickly increased both until I felt like I was working out without damaging my knees. Each day I row 45 minutes and change the resistance number from 6 to 8 and feel great, as it’s only my second week rowing. My goal is to get into good physical condition for my second knee replacement surgery in December, and lose some weight. Hopefully by next year I can get back on the golf course as well. All because of Concept2.

I can’t thank you enough for making such a great piece of equipment. I don’t understand how every physical therapy gym does not have this excellent equipment in every single location. This was part of my problem: no one had this machine anywhere where I could try it to see if I liked it. Truthfully, this is better than any equipment I used at my physical therapy gym for three months after surgery.