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SkiErg Testimonials

Peter Park

The SkiErg is my favorite choice for indoor cardio, bar none. The SkiErg, like many sporting skills such as a golf swing or a swim stroke, requires the athlete or client to link the core with the hips and upper body to be proficient. If you’re not linking you go nowhere. We, as a population, sit much of the day, and I love how the SkiErg has you standing tall and working neglected postural muscles.

I notice it is much easier for clients to reach target heart rate zones than on any other piece of equipment. The SkiErg has very quickly become the most popular machine at Platinum Fitness. Whether it’s Lance Armstrong, Chad Reed or a 70-year-old client trying to stay fit, the SkiErg will whip them into shape fast!

Peter Park owns Platinum Fitness and is the strength and fitness coach for Lance Armstrong