First Workouts | Concept2

First Workouts

Here are a couple short workouts to introduce you to training on the BikeErg.

Before trying these workouts, please read our liability disclaimer.

Workout 1 (15 minutes)–The relationship between cadence and resistance on the BikeErg.

  • Set the damper to 1.
  • Adjust the seat and handlebars as needed.
  • Pedal easily for five minutes, without aiming for any particular pace or cadence, trying out the different handlebar positions.
  • Note your cadence in rpm (top right corner display on the PM5) and for the next 30 seconds, pedal faster to increase your cadence by about 10. For example, if your natural cadence in the warm-up was 70 rpm, increase to 80 rpm for the next 30 seconds. Then return to 70 rpm for 30 seconds.
  • Continue this alternation for 5 minutes.
  • Pedal easily for 5 minutes as a cool-down.

This workout gives you experience with using the cadence to vary the resistance you feel on the BikeErg.

Workout 2 (20 minutes)–Learning about damper setting and resistance

  • Set the damper to 1.
  • Adjust the seat and handlebars as needed.
  • Pedal easily for five minutes. Note your cadence in rpm.
  • Trying to maintain the same rpm if possible, move the damper up to 2 and pedal for 1 minute. Then move the damper back to 1, and pedal for 2 more minutes, again trying to maintain about the same rpm.
  • Again, move the damper up to 2, and pedal for 1 minute, then back to damper 1 and pedal 2 more minutes.
  • Now try moving the damper to 3 for 1 minute, and see if you can maintain the same rpm. If it’s hard to maintain, then use damper 2.
  • Move the damper back to 1 for 2 minutes, and try to increase the rpm a little.
  • Finish up with 5 minutes of easy pedaling back in damper 1 at any cadence that is comfortable for you.

This workout shows how damper setting contributes to the resistance you feel, in addition to your cadence.