Organizing a Race - Indoor Rowing | Concept2

Organizing a Race

If you need help organizing a race, please contact the Concept2 race team at

Before the Race

  • Tell us about your race so that we can add it to our race calendar.
  • Create a race entry form. You will need to ask for date of birth, gender, weight category and anything else you think is necessary. You may want to ask for the competitor’s postal or email address in order to send out results or create a mailing list for future races.
  • Determine how many indoor rowers you’ll need for your race. You may want to try and borrow some from a nearby club.
  • Create a plan for managing the competitors and the results and become familiar with the race management software you will use.
  • Publicize your event. As well as producing posters for places like rowing clubs, health clubs and gyms, you could also see if your local newspaper will run an article about the race.
  • Arrange some prizes for the winners, for example trophies, medals, T-shirts or just a simple certificate.
  • If you have questions about other aspects of organizing a race, contact us at

The Race Itself

  • You’ll need people to help with registration, starting each race and recording scores. If you’re having lightweight races, you will also need an accurate set of scales along with someone to check that people are under the lightweight limit.
  • You have a number of options for racing with indoor rowers, depending on what Performance Monitors your machines have and whether you have a computer you can use on race day. If you’re using PM3s, PM4s or PM5s, you may want to connect the machines up to a race system. Check out the Racing with Performance Monitors page in the Service section for more information.

After the Race

Make sure you send the results to so we can include them in the Online Ranking. Please send the results in spreadsheet format, and make sure that you include the date of birth for each competitor. If you would like an example spreadsheet, or have any questions, please email