PM5 Firmware Overview

Firmware is the computer program embedded in and running your PM5. The current versions of PM5 Firmware are listed below. The version you need depends on which hardware version your PM5 runs. More info

Indoor rower version 29 and SkiErg version 729 and lower are for PM5s that run a hardware version lower than 600.

Indoor rower version 154 or higher, and SkiErg verion 854 or higher are for PM5s that run hardware version 600 or higher. These monitors were put into circulation in December 2016.

  • Indoor rowers
    • Version 166 (released March 2019)
    • Version 29 (released March 2019)
  • SkiErgs
    • Version 866 (released March 2019)
    • Version 729 (released March 2019)
  • BikeErg
    • Version 325 (released March 2019)

Firmware Update Emails

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Updating Firmware or Installing Beta Firmware

To update the firmware in your PM5, you need a computer, the free Concept2 Utility software and either a USB flash drive or USB cable. Before upgrading:

After downloading and installing the Concept2 Utility, follow one of the procedures below.


  • If you installed Beta Firmware in the past and want to revert to the General Release version, follow the USB Cable procedure.
  • When updating from version 12 and earlier (indoor rowers) or version 712 or earlier (SkiErgs), follow the USB Cable procedure.
Updating Firmware with a USB Flash Drive

These steps apply to Concept2 Utility Version 7 and higher. If you have a lower version of the Concept2 Utility, please upgrade before proceeding.

  1. If your USB flash drive is currently inserted in your computer, remove it before proceeding.
  2. On your computer, connect to the internet, and then launch the Concept2 Utility.
  3. Click Update Firmware.
  4. Insert the USB flash drive into your computer. If you have not previously used this USB flash drive with a PM5 or with the Concept2 Utility, enter a user name when prompted and click Ok.
  5. The Concept2 Utility automatically copies the PM5 firmware files to the USB flash drive. When the file copy is complete, take the steps indicated on the Concept2 Utility:
    1. Insert the USB flash drive into the PM5.
    2. Power up the PM5 and wait for the prompts.
    3. When prompted, select Update Now twice to start the update.
      More info about the other options.
      • Update Later—Select this to delay the firmware update. Each time you power up the monitor in the future (and provided the USB flash drive is present), you will be prompted to update the firmware. (In other words, as long as the PM5 firmware file on the USB flash drive is newer than the firmware currently installed on the monitor, you will be prompted to update the firmware each time you power up the monitor, if the USB flash drive is present.)
      • Remove Firmware from USB Flash Drive—Select this to remove the firmware files from the USB flash drive. Note that even if you select this option, the next time you use your USB flash drive with the Concept2 Utility, the utility will re-copy the firmware files to the USB flash drive.

The update takes several minutes, and the PM5 displays “update in progress” messages during this time. The update is complete when the PM5 displays the Main Menu. You can then do your workout or take the USB flash drive to another PM5 that needs updating.

Updating Firmware with a USB Cable

This method requires a generic USB cable that has a Type B plug on one end for plugging into the PM, and either a Type A or Type C plug on the other end for connecting to your computer. Please check your computer to see what type of USB plug it accepts. Refer to the image below for help.


  1. On your computer, connect to the internet.
  2. Shut down any PM applications you have running (RowPro, for example).
  3. Launch the Concept2 Utility.
  4. Click Update Firmware. If your PM5 is already connected to your computer, skip to step 6.
  5. Connect your PM5 to your computer with the USB cable.
  6. The Concept2 Utility checks the firmware currently installed on the Performance Monitor, and will indicate whether an update is available. If your monitor firmware is current, the Concept2 Utility will let you know that as well.
  7. Click Install Vxxx where xxx is the firmware version number you're about to install. If a beta firmware version is available and you want to install it instead, click the Install Beta Firmware link. More info

    Beta Firmware is the prototype for a new firmware version before its official release. Beta Firmware may include new features and fixes for issues discovered in current versions.

The update takes several minutes. During the update, the Concept2 Utility displays a progress indicator and will let you know when the process is complete.

Concept2 Utility 7.09.00

.exe format
.dmg format


  • If you have workouts in PM Memory, we recommend transferring those workouts to a USB flash drive before updating your firmware.
  • Do not perform firmware updates using any form of "virtualization" software. This includes products such as VirtualPC, Parallels, VirtualBox, and VMWare.
    More info
    The firmware update process depends on a direct connection between the operating system and the USB device. Virtualization software does not allow this direct dedicated connection to occur. Updates performed in this manner do not complete properly and render the Performance Monitor inoperable. If you have attempted this, you may be able to recover your PM5 by performing the update using a Windows PC.
  • Please report problems and feedback regarding the current versions of PM5 Firmware to