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Third-Party Services and Solutions

Regatta Central

RegattaCentral provides registration and management solutions for the rowing community. Learn more at

Regatta Master

Regatta Master is a complete regatta management system, handling all aspects of outdoor and venue racing, including:

  • Importing registrations from RegattaCentral.
  • Automatic or manual seeding, scheduling, and progression.
  • Optionally seeds based on submitted erg scores.
  • Full integration with Concept2 Venue Race Application:
    • Creates race files and imports results, including splits.
    • Supports multiple classes within an event.
    • Supports team races.
    • Supports distance over time events.
    • Includes qualifying time comparison.
    • Provides report for Concept2 ranking.
  • Publishes fast, comprehensive results to Regatta Master Online and RegattaCentral mobile app.
  • Provides links to Concept2's Replay web application. For an example of these features see

Visit or email for more information.

Time-Team Regatta Management

Time-Team provides outdoor and indoor regatta management in the cloud. The online toolkit assists you from entries to results. You create a competition, which can be over multiple rounds if required, which can be managed from any connected device. Events and entries are imported from any source and with a couple of easy steps your competition is ready to run and has the results published in no time.

Features included in the online platform:

  • Web registration form
  • Import events and entries from any source, eg. CSV, JSON, BROE, KNRB, RegattaCentral
  • Combining events with separated results
  • Race schedule creation using drag & drop with automatic splitting based on the number of seats
  • Support for timed and distance events, both individual and team races
  • Automated participant placement in multiple ways based on estimated results
  • Changes wizard which guides you through all the steps
  • Instant registration for last minute entries
  • PDF report generation for draws, start cards, weighing forms and results
  • Manual and built-in progression systems
  • Integration with the Concept2 Venue Race Application: files can be exported to and imported from VRA with ease
  • Automatically up-to-date public website with race graphs showing speed & pace
  • Real-time online race visualisation
  • Advanced custom race visualisation with virtual competitors for record holders or winner over multiple heats
  • Dashboard with automated verification checks which aids you throughout the competition

Time-Team all-in-one race management system has been used during the European Rowing Indoor Championships, the French Indoor Rowing Championships, the C.R.A.S.H.-B. Indoor Rowing Championships and other international and local races.

Visit Time-Team or email for more information.