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Managing Osteoporosis

Past research done by Washington University’s School of Medicine points to rowing as an effective exercise for managing osteoporosis. The study compared two modes of exercise: ground-reaction force (GRF) and joint-reaction force (JRF). The GRF exercises included walking, jogging, and stepping; the JRF exercises included weight-lifting and rowing on the Concept2 Indoor Rower.

The researchers found that rowing and weight-lifting increased bone mineral density in three of four locations tested, and did so with lower strain rates than the GRF exercises. They also found that the JRF group showed the greatest improvements in overall strength and lean body mass. The authors observed that these gains should decrease the risk of falling and help maintain functional independence and overall health despite advancing age.

Indoor Rowing for Bone Health was written by Andrew Hamilton and summarizes the latest scientific thinking on managing osteoporosis with indoor rowing. Andrew Hamilton BSc MRSC ACSM is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the American College of Sports Medicine, a consultant to the fitness industry, and is the editor of the sports performance research newsletter, Peak Performance.


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This workout comes to us from our customer and avid horsewoman Cynthia Adams. By doing this workout three to four times a week, Cynthia had such a dramatic improvement in bone density that her doctor took her off Boniva.

  • Row a steady state workout of 8000m, followed by 15 minutes of yoga and Pilates.


Cynthia Adams

I am a 51-year-old woman who has been relatively active most of my adult life.