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5 Common Errors on the SkiErg

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Oct 11, 2019

The SkiErg technique that we teach is based on the traditional sport of Nordic skiing. It is time-tested technique that has propelled skiers very effectively on snow. The beauty of the SkiErg is that it allows for a range of technical variations that can still be safe and effective depending on your goals and what works best for you.

Here are five common errors relative to traditional Nordic Skiing technique. Some of the more extreme techniques will likely not give you the best scores, but may still give you a great workout.

1. Reaching too high. Your hands should reach slightly above your eyes.

2. Extending arms too far back. Finish the pull when your hands are alongside your thighs.

3. Butt too far out.

4. Leaving the arms behind. Keep the arms bent as you engage your core to drive the handles downward.

5. Additional bad habits:

Bending at the hips with no ankle and knee flexion, butt out and arms straight.

Bottoming out ropes.

Standing too far from machine.

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