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Big Blade

The Big Blade is the original “hatchet” blade. Made from the same mold as the Macon blade, its asymmetric design and increased surface area create a bigger shovel for moving water. Due to its greater efficiency, the Big Blade required some new thinking as far as oar length. Experience showed that reducing the “outboard length” by 10cm was needed to achieve similar loading to the Macon blade. At its introduction in 1991, the Big Blade was quickly accepted as an improvement in oar technology. We have since made a number of further improvements resulting in the greater efficiency of the Smoothie2 and Fat2 blades.

There are still crews and coaches who prefer this blade for its consistent loading profile: a less distinct hold of the water at entry, slightly heavier load in the last 1/3 of the drive, and overall softer shaft feel relative to our newer blades.

The Big Blade is available in two sizes for sweep and one for scull, and can be ordered with a plain edge (most common) or with the Vortex Edge.

Big Blade Dimensions
  Sweep (22x55) Sweep (25x52) Scull
Blade Length 55.5 cm 52 cm 44 cm
Width at Tip 25 cm 25 cm 21.5 cm
Width at Broadest Point 25 cm 25 cm 21.5 cm
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starting at
Big Blade


  • Greatest “hook”
  • Greatest surface area at tip
  • Plain edge
Color: Standard White

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