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Fat2 Blade

The Fat2 advances modern blade design by combining vortex-generating features and large surface area, resulting in a stiff feel at the beginning of the drive and a fast handle speed at the end of the drive.

With minimal slip in the beginning of the drive, the Fat2 offers efficiency gains that have the potential to increase boat speed. The blade slips more readily later in the drive to reduce back-watering losses at the finish. See Blade Path for additional information.

Optimizing Performance

The Fat2 is used with a considerably shorter overall oar length than the Smoothie2 Plain Edge. This may range from 4–8 cm depending on the crew, the rig and the conditions. It is very important not to over load the rower and thereby cause biomechanical inefficiency, which could cancel the hydrodynamic efficiency of the blade.

The Fat2 is most effective when used with larger catch angles, i.e. athletes rowing further through the pin.

The Fat2 blade can be combined with the Skinny shaft to produce a softer feel and more even loading profile, while still taking advantage of the efficient blade path of the Fat2. The Skinny shaft helps to ease the “stiff” feel of oars with the Fat2 blade, making them feel more like plain edge blades.

Fat2 Dimensions
  Sweep Scull
Blade Length 55 cm 46 cm
Width at Tip 19 cm 16.5 cm
Width at Broadest Point 26.5 cm 23 cm
starting at
starting at


  • Greatest taper at tip of blade
  • Has the largest surface area for Vortex “sticky spoon” action
  • Curvature to aid in depth control
  • Vortex Edge
Color: Standard White

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