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SkiErg Testimonials

My SkiErg has been one of the greatest additions to my training as a professional and Olympic cross country skier. My favorite part is that it is so simple to get in a great workout, no matter the time of day, or the time of year. Read More ›

—Sadie Bjornsen, 2014/2018 Olympian, World Championship Bronze Medalist, 7-year National Team Member, 10-time World Cup Medalist, 5-time National Champion

Just wanted to say a big thanks for all your support. I believe the SkiErg is going to be a huge asset to my comeback to competition!! Read More ›

—Kikkan Randall, 4-time Olympian, US Cross Country Ski Team

I have become a more efficient skier over the last few years thanks to the SkiErg. Read More ›

—Susan Dunklee, US Biathlon Team Member and Sochi Oympian, World Cup Silver and Bronze Medalist

The SkiErg is a valuable part of my training both for CrossFit and for other sports. Read More ›

—Matt Chan CF-L4, CrossFit Verve, CrossFit Headquarters Seminar Staff

Both machines worked and toned the most troubled areas on my body—legs, arms, back and abs just to mention a few. Read More ›

—Donna Carrington

I’m shooting for 2:45 this year (at the Birkebeiner) and the SkiErg is going to be my not-so-secret weapon. Read More ›

—Todd Brown

The SkiErg is one of the best buys we have made as a club. Read More ›

—Sean Gale

I would wholeheartedly recommend every rowing center or club to get hold of a SkiErg. Read More ›

—Zbigniew Andruszkiewicz

I am an IRONMAN Triathlete (PB 9h27) with a full time job and a family. I do need to work efficiently. The SkiErg is a superb alternative trainer for an injured athlete, but also very efficient gear for triathletes. Read More ›

—Beat Burkhard

When I first raced on the World Cup, I was amazed by how fast everyone was when double poling. I returned home with goals of becoming a lot stronger! Training on the SkiErg has helped me reach that level and compete with the best in the world. Read More ›

—Ida Sargent, US Ski Team, FIS World Cup Red Group and Sochi Olympian

We carry a Concept2 SkiErg in our team van all winter long as we travel from country to country for the Biathlon World Cup. I add 15 minutes on the Erg to my morning or afternoon jogs as a way to activate and maintain core and upper body strength in a ski-specific way. Year round, the SkiErg is an important complement to our training. Read More ›

—Clare Egan, US Biathlon A Team

I am relatively new to Nordic skiing as a blind person, and purchased a SkiErg in 2014 in hope of staying fit through the summer months and of improving my double pole ability for the winter season. Last fall, I found a 12-week training plan on that was designed for a Concept2 indoor rowing machine. I just added 20 strokes to the recommended cadence and followed the 6-day a week program into the beginning of ski season. Read More ›

—Tim McCorcle

I have used the SkiErg since 2010 and it is still an important part of my training. I have two daughters, born in 2012 and in 2014, so I have to be efficient while training. On average, I do 7-8 hours of training per week and about ten percent of my training in the fall is on the SkiErg. I prefer hard interval workouts that are over in 30 minutes, like 5 times 1000 m with 1 min rest. I also like longer workouts—1.5 hours as I watch ski races on my iPad. Read More ›

—Erik Wickström, Current world record holder of 24 hour non-stop XC skiing: 438,575 k; 25th at the 2014 Vasaloppet
Mikko Salo discusses using the SkiErg and indoor rower.

Several months ago I had a chance to train with the SkiErg. I was hooked immediately. It is a great ‘tool of pain.’

I'm 32 years old and a professional firefighter and rescue diver in Pori, Finland. I have trained pretty hard for almost 17 years now. I found CrossFit in 2007 and it immediately became my favourite thing! I won the 2009 CrossFit Games. In my training, the Concept2 Indoor Rower has a big role. I believe that rowing is one of the major factors to my work capacity. I like to use the indoor rower for intervals and for metcons. Read More ›

—Mikko Salo

The SkiErg can be a great training tool, especially to people who don't have much time. Read More ›

—Jorgen Brink

The SkiErg has very quickly become the most popular machine at Platinum Fitness. Whether it’s Lance Armstrong, Chad Reed or a 70-year-old client trying to stay fit, the SkiErg will whip them into shape fast! Read More ›

—Peter Park

It’s awesome to have a piece of equipment where I can get a cardiovascular workout while using my upper body and core. Read More ›

—Amy Cotta

As the Head Coach of the US Paralympic Biathlon team, my vision is to have a SkiErg in all the major military medical facilities across the country by the fall of 2012. I see these SkiErgs as not only a great piece of equipment to facilitate rehab for wounded warriors, but a fantastic recruiting tool for the Paralympic Biathlon Team as well. Read More ›

—Rob Rosser

I use my SkiErg every week as a preparation for the Vasaloppet. I usually do intervals, such as 5 times 1000 metres, but I also do some distance training of up to 1 1/2 hours. I like the SkiErg because it is great exercise for both strength and endurance and is more gentle on your body compared to rollerskiing. Lastly, it’s fun to race against yourself and against friends!

Editor’s note: Erik finished 52nd in the 2011 Vasaloppet. The Vasaloppet is an annual 90km race with over 16,000 competitors! Read More ›

—Erik Wickström

The SkiErg is a great training tool for runners, where you can increase one's propulsion force without increasing stroke rate or cadence. The Recovery Phase of the motion activates the posterior chain of the legs similarly to hill runs or track sprints. My athletes can simulate the stresses of hill sprint intervals or distance, without having to find hills of optimal grade and distance. The PM3 or PM4 is fantastic, allowing output to be measurable and repeatable. Read More ›

—Jason Zagami

It's rare that a new product comes out that is actually worth its salt but the gang at Concept2 has managed to create a new idea that looks like it has a whole lotta suck attached to it (that means it's great). Read More ›

—Merle McKenzie