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General Fitness/Lifelong Fitness Testimonials

Both machines worked and toned the most troubled areas on my body—legs, arms, back and abs just to mention a few. Read More ›

—Donna Carrington

The SkiErg is one of the best buys we have made as a club. Read More ›

—Sean Gale

The SkiErg has very quickly become the most popular machine at Platinum Fitness. Whether it’s Lance Armstrong, Chad Reed or a 70-year-old client trying to stay fit, the SkiErg will whip them into shape fast! Read More ›

—Peter Park

It’s awesome to have a piece of equipment where I can get a cardiovascular workout while using my upper body and core. Read More ›

—Amy Cotta

The SkiErg is a great training tool for runners, where you can increase one's propulsion force without increasing stroke rate or cadence. The Recovery Phase of the motion activates the posterior chain of the legs similarly to hill runs or track sprints. My athletes can simulate the stresses of hill sprint intervals or distance, without having to find hills of optimal grade and distance. The PM3 or PM4 is fantastic, allowing output to be measurable and repeatable. Read More ›

—Jason Zagami