Pitch Check for Rowing Oars - Pitching Blocks & Plates | Concept2

Pitch CheckThe Concept2 Pitch Check is the ideal tool for quick and exact measurement of pitch on Concept2 oars. The Pitch Check ensures a level surface for the blade, so you get an exact reading of the pitch at the sleeve.

Ideal for rowing clubs and programs with a large number of oars to maintain, the Pitch Check makes changing sleeves easier and works for all Concept2 blades. It is made of all steel construction with a baked epoxy finish, and we include a high quality level and pitch plate for measuring pitch on older Smoothie and Fat Smoothie blades (see below).

How to use the Pitch Check

PN 780
Price: 210,00 € plus shipping
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Optional Pitching Blocks

Pitching blocks are available for checking oars with non-zero pitch. These are sold in sets of 1, 2, 3 and 4 degrees.

PN 703
Price: [prices:pitch-blocks] plus shipping
Call +31(0)20-3450010 to order (Benelux only)

Replacement Pitch Plates

Replacement pitch plates are available for Smoothie1 and Fat1 blades. These pitch plates are necessary only for Smoothie1 and Fat1 blades, which were manufactured from 1996 to December 3, 2006. One plate works for pitching both port and starboard oars. Macon, Big Blade, Smoothie2 Plain Edge, Smoothie2 Vortex Edge and Fat2 blades do not require a pitch plate.

PN 783
Price: [prices:pitch-plates] plus shipping
Call +31(0)20-3450010 to order (Benelux only)