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Back Health Testimonials

It does not appear that you need any new comments in support of the Dynamic Rower, but I love it. My day job impairs my ability to spend mornings on the river in my single scull. Read More ›

—Tori Murden McClure

Thank you all at Concept2 for your website and the information on weight loss. Read More ›

—Robin Sweet

The difference that it made to my performance in the boat was amazing! As a chronic back sufferer (probably resulting from too much incautious weight-training as a teenager), I am also very much aware of how much the erg has improved my core strength. Read More ›

—Geoffrey Barrow

We have always enjoyed being on the water but found the confinement of kayaks disagreeable to our backs. Read More ›

—Dan Brokaw

I work as a physical therapist. I find that the Concept 2 rowing ergometer is an essential part of any exercise program to help strengthen your back, while at the same time also giving you a fantastic cardiovascular workout. On a personal note, it helps keep me fit for dancing, Tango and Waltz, since the women partners are always in such great shape. Read More ›


My brother got me interested in C2 rowing eighteen months ago and since then it has been a love affair. Read More ›

—James Sundheim

I bought my erg to help my back. Read More ›

—Scott Stalder-Skarmoutsos