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Low Impact Testimonials

I will be suggesting the Concept2 rower to as many people as I can get to listen. Keep up the good work. You are changing people's lives. And not just the real-serious-rowing-types, but regular people like myself, too. Read More ›

—A. S.

I want to thank your company for making the equipment that turned me into what my orthopedic surgeon calls a "medical miracle." He has never seen a patient recuperate so quickly from a total knee replacement. I could walk without crutches two days after surgery, drive my car in ten days and was totally off pain medication in two weeks. It's been six weeks now, and I'm still not perfect but I'm getting there. Read More ›

—Amy Vander Stoep Karraker

I find that rowing is an ideal low impact way to keep in shape. Read More ›

—Derek Wegner

I am really enjoying the workout that this machine gives me. The low impact on the body is key. Easy to set up, easy to store, I can vary my workout in so many ways. This is a really wonderful, American-made product. I am glad I chose your company's rower, as I believe it is the industry standard. Read More ›

—Leonard Tollerton

Truthfully, this is better than any equipment I used at my physical therapy gym for three months after surgery. Read More ›

—Margaret Gualtieri

Thank You for putting out the absolute BEST product that enabled me to keep my endurance and met-con up without putting stress on my joints and ankle in particular. Read More ›

—Shawn Ramirez

I've been a user of Concept2 Indoor Rowers for many years (long may it continue). I started using Concept2 because of knee problems. I was able to exercise regularly with no affect on my knees, set my own goals and monitor my results on your site. From my point of view this is the best exercising machine in the world. I call it "the truth machine". Read More ›

—Douglas McDonald

In the photo, I am paddling the Upper Missouri River in 2012. My son and I did the first and most picturesque 400 miles. The rest of the Missouri is still on my bucket list.
I purchased a Model D Indoor Rower years ago for exercise and weight control. I am a retired US parachute infantryman with a bad back, neck and prosthetic knees to show for 28 years of service.
Concept2 is the best non-impact exercise I can manage, and I'm closing in on 2 million metres. Read More ›

—Larry White

I'm 51 years old, born in Scotland but now living in Cambridge. I first tried the Concept2 Indoor Rower in 2003 when I joined a gym. I found it an ideal non-impact cardiovascular workout for someone with dodgy knees. In 2007 I bought a Concept2 Indoor Rower of my own and did not renew my gym membership. In 2008 I discovered the online log, joined a virtual team and competed as a lightweight in the British Indoor Rowing Championship, at which I set a personal best of 7:17.0 for 2000m which I haven't bettered since. Read More ›

—Stewart Aitken

I had a Concept2 Model C from a long time ago; I set it up in the basement in front of an old TV and would row 40-50 minutes most nights while watching ESPN. I started slowly, but gradually built up, making each session just a little longer or harder than the last. I would make sure that I was breaking a sweat ten minutes or so into the workout and kept it there for the remainder.

Rowing was the best way to start because it was non-impact and I could go as easy or hard as I wanted with every stroke. The Concept2 Forum was also a tremendous source of support. Read More ›

—Thomas Bartman

Having been inspired by these rowers and having knackered my knees through running, I bought a Concept2. I try to bash out about 3 x 10,000 metre rows each week and in doing this I lost nearly three stone in nine months. My MS has been in remission for 5 years, and I feel sure that keeping fit must help. Read More ›

—Robert Platts

I decided to get a Concept2 machine to get in shape and lose weight via a low impact exercise. My son of two years is my primary source of inspiration, one day I decided that I needed to get into shape to be able to keep up with him in the years to come. Although, I have had my rowing machine for over two years, it had been collecting a fair amount of dust. Then in late June of this year I finally decided to take the jump and have not looked back since. That was 550,000 metres ago. Prior to Christmas, I am aiming to break the sub-200 pound mark and the million metre mark. Read More ›

—Stephen Anderson

Like so many I started erging when the knees wouldn't let me run anymore. I found Concept2 via a New York Times ad over 10 years ago and I'm glad I did. My main exercise form is cycling (I did 5 centuries and almost 5000 miles in 2004) but when the evenings get too short for that, and I'm not ready to ride my rollers in the basement I take the erg out. I enjoy trying to climb up the ranking lists. Read More ›

—Jim Rech

I really enjoy the overall, low impact, workout it gives me. Read More ›

—Jim Doten

As an ex-jock with a bad knee, I've found rowing to be a terrific no-impact exercise for all-around fitness. Read More ›

—Chuck Hood