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Challenges Testimonials

I instantly took a liking to this fantastic machine and the excellent workout I got from it...It's been 9 months since I started, and I feel confident that this will be a lifetime association. Read More ›

—Dharmen Samant

It's the best thing I bought the last few years. Read More ›

—Hans Koolhaas

I look forward to the Holiday Challenge every year, and not only because it helps to keep the fat off. It’s such a wonderful fund-raising effort, and you’ve done a magnificent job of making it even better for the 20th. Read More ›

—David Hafner

I've had my rower now since October 2016 and in that brief period have been so impressed with everything you guys do at Concept2 and wanted to say very many thanks. Having so much input in terms of advice and info and very friendly efficient help when I've called has made all the difference and made everything so much more enjoyable.

I particularly love your challenges which are great to be involved with. Having just done my 100,000m for the Holiday Challenge in December, I have set up a team for January. It's really good to have an objective. Read More ›

—John Bradley

Greetings from Finland—land with polar bears (joke). It was March of 2014 when I was looking for a rowing machine for exercise and was already buying another machine when I found your online community. It helped me make the decision to purchase your machine. The challenges are great. I hope many other Scandinavians find this indoor exercise too. Best wishes to all and "hölkynkölkyn", which means Cheers in Finnish. Read More ›

—Timo Tuominen

I was introduced to the sport of rowing when our daughter became a coxswain for the University of Minnesota Varsity Women's team. The summer of 2003 found me taking a Learn to Row class and I was hooked! Santa (wisely) brought an indoor rower that year and I am currently doing my 11th Holiday Challenge. I enjoy both on water and indoor rowing for the exercise and great health benefits—it's my go-to workout. Being part of the Concept2 online community is a great motivator—it's fun to see those metres add up. Thanks Concept2 for promoting and supporting this healthy activity! Read More ›

—Kim Gross

I've lost the weight I wanted to lose and I've gained a habit that will benefit me for a lifetime. Read More ›

—Sandra Jones

And it is—without a doubt—the only exercise equipment that I’ve used on a continuous basis (three to four times a week) over such a long period. Read More ›

—Dick Goldsmith

In 2004, our local YMCA offered a new class to its members—Rowing, and since my husband and I were looking for an exercise program to replace jogging, we decided to give this program a try. From the start, we were fortunate to receive great instruction from our trainer on the proper rowing techniques and how to use the indoor rower to maximize our exercise routine. Last year our instructor decided to kick things up a notch by forming the Green Hills YMCA Team within the Concept2 online community. Read More ›

—Trish Poe

I started rowing about four years ago when a friend of mine from the gym suggested I give it a try. We have subsequently competed in the Fall Team Challenge, March Madness and a number of the other challenges throughout the year. Read More ›

—Simon Loder

A new ardent rower, I began stroking a little more than 2 years ago with the rower and the incredible online resources of Concept2. Helping others achieve and seeking a more just and beautiful world, I always look for ways to combine virtues with actions. Hence, Concept2's rowing for charity challenge (and other like events) are the perfect match for the physical and spiritual fitness I seek. 2,000,000 metres is my next checkpoint. I live in "Nowville", Nashvegas, Tennessee! Read More ›

—Patrick Luther

I'm 66, retired and I became interested in indoor rowing 4–5 years ago because it was, for me, the best form of aerobic exercise I could think of. It works my back, stomach, legs and arms—all with zero impact.

I enjoy being part of the Concept2 online community primarily because it inspires me to participate in events like the Holiday Challenge (I know I'm bragging here but I was in the top 15 last year).

The picture of me was painted by my wife, Marlene, who exercises with me every morning for an hour while watching TV. Read More ›

—Fred Hodgdon

I'm 16 years old and currently a sophomore in high school. During the cold winter months of my physical education class, we were unable to run, so we rowed! We were assigned to row 2000 metres every Friday, which was a hassle, but being in a competitive environment pushed me to persist to reach better times. Read More ›

—Charles Belisle

Maintaining an exercise program over the long haul is sometimes difficult. Concept2 individual and team challenges are great incentives to keep working. Thanks for both the great rowing machines and the ongoing encouragement. Read More ›

—Judy Abbott

I started rowing in a more dedicated fashion, and started using the Concept2 Online Logbook about five years ago, after I found I had to stop cycling due to knee damage, an all too common story.

After using tired gym examples, I bought my own Concept2 Indoor Rower and have not looked back from that point. The exercise is great. I have no more knee pain and have far better upper body strength. It's a fantastic cardiovascular workout every time! Read More ›

—David Large

I'm 22 years old, and I am a sailor in the United States Navy. I am from Orlando, Florida, but currently stationed in Charleston, South Carolina where I am at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command. Read More ›

—Timothy Mazzotta

I've been rowing since I first purchased a Model B in 1989. I wish I would have kept better track of my metres then, as my wild and audacious goal is to be the "all-time metres rowed" rower. Longevity will help.

The Concept2 Indoor Rower is magical—an all-body workout and a wonderful way to set goals as we age. I prefer metres to speed as you may have guessed. Read More ›

—Craig Donovan

I bought my Concept2 Indoor Rower and received it just in time for the Holiday Challenge! After successfully completing the 200k I was hooked. Read More ›

—Matt Maddock

I started rowing instead of treadmill running whilst going to the gym regularly about 4 years ago (as running used to affect my Achilles tendons badly). Read More ›

—Dave Plumb

I really enjoy rowing, I've managed to loose 5 stones of blubber. Read More ›

—Andrew Shuck

I've been rowing since 2002, when I bought my Model C machine to use at home. For me it's a great exercise. I row first thing in the morning, four days a week, as much as possible. I have participated in a couple of the Concept2 activities, like the Christmas challenge last year, or the Tour of Lake Champlain in 2006. I really enjoy rowing, so those activities are an added bonus rather than a needed incentive. I hope I can keep rowing indefinitely. Read More ›

—Ignacio Silva-Lepe

I purchased my C2 machine in April 2005. My primary purpose for rowing was weight loss. I use my C2 in combination with a treadmill and an elliptical machine. I have lost 20 lbs. by exercising and the C2 machine has helped me keep that weight off. I have recently been rowing 30 minutes a day 5–6 times a week. My 2008 goal will be to row at least 2 million metres. Thanks C2 for producing a great machine. Read More ›

—Al Masino

Rowing on the Concept2 is a fabulous exercise especially in high-threat environments where it is not possible to run or bike. The Concept2 rowers are also suitable for locations where power problems make devices such as treadmills risky and dangerous. Read More ›


My husband and I are retired and live in the middle of the Adirondacks in northern NY. The cold, snowy winters here sometimes make it difficult to get outside and get much exercise so in Oct 2005 we got our rower. We have both really enjoyed it and have found it to be such a good form of exercise. I find being a member of the Ducks in a Row, along with all the C2 challenges, are great motivators to keep me rowing. Read More ›

—Carol Murray

While comparing fitness routines with a friend at work several years ago, he described his Concept2 rower and how well it was working for him. My gym has a Concept2 rower so I tried it and became hooked immediately. My goal is to reach a consistent six 10K sessions per week habit, and the March Madness challenge is a great motivator. Read More ›

—Paul Anderson

Thank you for making such an excellent product, and giving all the encouragement opportunities online. Read More ›

—Mike DuBois

After struggling to make it to the gym all last winter, we decided to invest in our own Model D, and love the convenience of rowing at home. Read More ›

—Andrea Day

I purchased my C2 in January of 2002, but only started regular rowing December 2003. I started with the holiday challenge and have participated in every challenge since. I am now working on my second million metre club. I have now completed 3 half marathons and hope to do a full marathon in the near future. One technique I find useful on a longer row is to cover up part of the display. I have done it even on 10,000m rows, but especially on half marathons. Read More ›

—Allison Toye

I am a 34 year old physical therapist. I started to row about 2 years ago trying to get back in shape after a knee surgery. I was hooked from the beginning. I always did a lot of cardiovascular training but when I sit on the C2 to do my workout I get such a feeling of wellness that I had never felt before. Read More ›

—Martine Sauve