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On water rowing Testimonials

It is easier to identify and correct bad technique, because I am staying in the same spot, not sliding back and forth. Read More ›

—Valerie Mathison

I find that rowing is an ideal low impact way to keep in shape. Read More ›

—Derek Wegner

In the early 1980s I started rowing in Philadelphia when friend of mine asked me to participate in a Learn to Row program at the University of Pennsylvania. During the first few minutes I was in the boat, I started relating rowing to life and work and it eventually changed my life. In 1998 I founded The OARS Program team building and leadership company and developed The Rowers' Code. We are now organized as Criterion Consulting Solutions. Read More ›

—Marilyn Krichko

I bought my erg in April 2006 as an effort to lose weight. I was successful in this endeavor, losing about 50 pounds in the first year. As time passed I realized I could be quite competitive and started racing eventually getting my 2k time down to a respectable 6:22.2. Read More ›

—David Chmilowskyi

I took a Learn-to-Row class in 2007 and have been sculling with the Rat Island Rowing and Sculling Club here in Port Townsend, Washington for the past seven years. We are able to row on our bay from about April into November most years, weather permitting. During the winter and early spring months and on most days when I’m not rowing on the water, I put in time on my Concept2 erg, having earned my five million metre pin last fall. Indoor rowing is a great way to build endurance, stay in shape, and work on many aspects of rowing form. Read More ›

—Marsha Wiener

I am an avid sculler and coach at the Don Rowing Club in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada since 1978. I have used Concept2 products for my entire rowing career starting with the good old Model A Ergometer. I scull with your blades and always recommend your products to aspiring scullers. I joined the online program because I see the benefit of capturing the work done to plot my progress and keep tabs on my competitors from around the area. This is a motivator for me and I encourage my athletes to do the same. I am attaching a picture of me heading out for a race In Welland, Ontario. Read More ›

—Brant Ottnad

It does not appear that you need any new comments in support of the Dynamic Rower, but I love it. My day job impairs my ability to spend mornings on the river in my single scull. Read More ›

—Tori Murden McClure

My rowing experience includes 8’s at FD Roosevelt High School (’72), Hyde Park, New York and 8’s & 4+ at the US Naval Academy ('76), Annapolis, Maryland. I joined the Raleigh Rowing Center and sculled for the first time in the fall of 2008. Rough weather prevented rowing one day, and I watched a high school team transition from the water to a large number of Concept2s for their workout. I was impressed to say the least and was lucky enough to find a used Model D with PM3 within a few weeks, which I updated to PM4 in the fall of 2011. Read More ›

—Tom Purdy

I started using my wife’s Concept2 Indoor Rower a few years ago and now regularly put in 100k a month. I have also competed in the Beach Sprints erg race in Long Beach, California for the last two years.

I haven’t rowed on the water much at all, but my wife (a dedicated rower) talked me into accompanying her to a week-long rowing camp at the Craftsbury Sculling Center in Craftsbury, Vermont last summer, which was a lot of fun. Our trip also included a very interesting tour of the Concept2 factory in Morrisville, Vermont, where they manufacture oars. Read More ›

—Jim Zeiner

The difference that it made to my performance in the boat was amazing! As a chronic back sufferer (probably resulting from too much incautious weight-training as a teenager), I am also very much aware of how much the erg has improved my core strength. Read More ›

—Geoffrey Barrow

I first saw the Concept2 demo'd in IMPACT fitness mag. Prior to purchase, I briefly tried out another Concept2 model in a fitness store. I could tell that the Concept2 was well made, and I was more impressed with it than the other models they had available. Now I love my rower. It was what I'd expected. When rowing, I usually close my eyes and envision being on the water. Listening to music helps me keep a beat. I find it to be very meditative and a great stress reliever. I haven't used it as much as I wanted to, or would have, to date. Read More ›

—Carol Perlau

We are still in winter in Upstate New York, so I have not been rowing on-water this year. I just got my Dynamic in the Fall of 2010. I know it will help me or at least give me a jump start when I get on the water. When on the Dynamic, I focus on technique and get a good aerobic workout. I believe it has helped me to stay flexible and improve core strength. Read More ›

—Karen Stocker

I had a Concept2 Model C from a long time ago; I set it up in the basement in front of an old TV and would row 40-50 minutes most nights while watching ESPN. I started slowly, but gradually built up, making each session just a little longer or harder than the last. I would make sure that I was breaking a sweat ten minutes or so into the workout and kept it there for the remainder.

Rowing was the best way to start because it was non-impact and I could go as easy or hard as I wanted with every stroke. The Concept2 Forum was also a tremendous source of support. Read More ›

—Thomas Bartman

My initial years of rowing were at Phillips Academy (1970–1972), and as a freshman heavyweight at Dartmouth (1973). Rowing on those two rivers (the Merrimack River in Massachusetts, the upper Connecticut River in New Hampshire, respectively) is tremendously enjoyable. Then 31 years passed, during which time I would ever look enviously at the shells rowing on various rivers (the Charles and Potomac, especially). In 2004, it was time, and I returned to "rowing"—primarily via the Concept2. Read More ›

—James Crawford

We have always enjoyed being on the water but found the confinement of kayaks disagreeable to our backs. Read More ›

—Dan Brokaw

After struggling to make it to the gym all last winter, we decided to invest in our own Model D, and love the convenience of rowing at home. Read More ›

—Andrea Day

I bought my erg last October and have logged over 1 million metres so far. I have been able to dramatically increase my endurance and I see the results in the boat. Even though I have come to the sport late, I intend to row for many years to come and I suspect rowing will give me those years. Read More ›

—Shelly Warden