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Active Aging Testimonials

I am really enjoying the workout that this machine gives me. The low impact on the body is key. Easy to set up, easy to store, I can vary my workout in so many ways. This is a really wonderful, American-made product. I am glad I chose your company's rower, as I believe it is the industry standard. Read More ›

—Leonard Tollerton

Truthfully, this is better than any equipment I used at my physical therapy gym for three months after surgery. Read More ›

—Margaret Gualtieri

I took a Learn-to-Row class in 2007 and have been sculling with the Rat Island Rowing and Sculling Club here in Port Townsend, Washington for the past seven years. We are able to row on our bay from about April into November most years, weather permitting. During the winter and early spring months and on most days when I’m not rowing on the water, I put in time on my Concept2 erg, having earned my five million metre pin last fall. Indoor rowing is a great way to build endurance, stay in shape, and work on many aspects of rowing form. Read More ›

—Marsha Wiener

I consider your rowing machine the single finest piece of exercise equipment bar none! Not only does it work a variety of muscles, but the device itself is of superior material, precise fittings, excellent workmanship and built to last! On a scale of 1 to 10, I will give it a 12. Read More ›

—Peyton H Cook Jr

There are just not enough good things I can say about your products, your outstanding customer service and your company. Read More ›

—John Warkala

I have lost over forty-five pounds and reached my first goal—the weight I had when discharged from the Army sixty years ago. Read More ›

—Wally Many

I love all the great info on the C2 website and talk it up whenever I get the chance. Read More ›

—Evan Kleber

I needed something that kept me at home, so I started rowing more and doing more of the challenges. Read More ›

—Elizabeth Downie

I was introduced to the sport by a patient who came to my office significantly lighter and firmer than when I had last seem him; he attributed his transformation to joining the ARC. I met him at the river the following weekend and have been hooked ever since. Today most of my rowing is on the erg, spurred on by the C2 website and my hopes of turning back the clock. Read More ›

—Harold Sours

Now fast approaching 76, my daily rowing session keeps me young! Read More ›

—Joseph Satterthwait

I've been rowing since 2002, when I bought my Model C machine to use at home. For me it's a great exercise. I row first thing in the morning, four days a week, as much as possible. I have participated in a couple of the Concept2 activities, like the Christmas challenge last year, or the Tour of Lake Champlain in 2006. I really enjoy rowing, so those activities are an added bonus rather than a needed incentive. I hope I can keep rowing indefinitely. Read More ›

—Ignacio Silva-Lepe

My husband and I are retired and live in the middle of the Adirondacks in northern NY. The cold, snowy winters here sometimes make it difficult to get outside and get much exercise so in Oct 2005 we got our rower. We have both really enjoyed it and have found it to be such a good form of exercise. I find being a member of the Ducks in a Row, along with all the C2 challenges, are great motivators to keep me rowing. Read More ›

—Carol Murray

The C2 gives me enough leg work so I can do my annual 26.2 mile walk for the Jimmy Fund. Read More ›

—Brian Richards

I bought my erg last October and have logged over 1 million metres so far. I have been able to dramatically increase my endurance and I see the results in the boat. Even though I have come to the sport late, I intend to row for many years to come and I suspect rowing will give me those years. Read More ›

—Shelly Warden