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Great Cardio Workout Testimonials

I will be suggesting the Concept2 rower to as many people as I can get to listen. Keep up the good work. You are changing people's lives. And not just the real-serious-rowing-types, but regular people like myself, too. Read More ›

—A. S.

I absolutely love the feeling I get after a rowing workout, it is the best total body workout there is: legs, arms, core, everything. Read More ›

—Jason Butler

I instantly took a liking to this fantastic machine and the excellent workout I got from it...It's been 9 months since I started, and I feel confident that this will be a lifetime association. Read More ›

—Dharmen Samant

I find the erg a great way to exercise and find I am in much better cardiovascular shape from erging than I ever was with running. Read More ›

—Jim Corkal

I want to say thank you for making a product that literally changed my life. It’s because of your machine that I am able to prove my neurosurgeon wrong. Read More ›

—Chris Stevens

I love this sport, I love the consistent performance of the Concept2, and I am really blown away by the great support your group offers to us rowers—rookies and all! Read More ›

—Paula Puopolo

I love all the great info on the C2 website and talk it up whenever I get the chance. Read More ›

—Evan Kleber

I started rowing instead of treadmill running whilst going to the gym regularly about 4 years ago (as running used to affect my Achilles tendons badly). Read More ›

—Dave Plumb

Rowing on the Concept2 is a fabulous exercise especially in high-threat environments where it is not possible to run or bike. The Concept2 rowers are also suitable for locations where power problems make devices such as treadmills risky and dangerous. Read More ›


While comparing fitness routines with a friend at work several years ago, he described his Concept2 rower and how well it was working for him. My gym has a Concept2 rower so I tried it and became hooked immediately. My goal is to reach a consistent six 10K sessions per week habit, and the March Madness challenge is a great motivator. Read More ›

—Paul Anderson

I work as a physical therapist. I find that the Concept 2 rowing ergometer is an essential part of any exercise program to help strengthen your back, while at the same time also giving you a fantastic cardiovascular workout. On a personal note, it helps keep me fit for dancing, Tango and Waltz, since the women partners are always in such great shape. Read More ›


I have lost 10 pounds in a year (and can eat anything that I want). It is a great workout. Wish I had started sooner. Read More ›

—Michael Vigoda

I really enjoy the overall, low impact, workout it gives me. Read More ›

—Jim Doten

As an ex-jock with a bad knee, I've found rowing to be a terrific no-impact exercise for all-around fitness. Read More ›

—Chuck Hood