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Logbook Testimonials

I instantly took a liking to this fantastic machine and the excellent workout I got from it...It's been 9 months since I started, and I feel confident that this will be a lifetime association. Read More ›

—Dharmen Samant

I am writing to express my appreciation to this company for its extremely generous, holistic, and robust breadth of support offerings. More specifically, I am referring to the ErgData app, Online Logbook, WODs, articles, videos, and so on. Read More ›

—Janna Atcheson

After erging for a few months in my company's gym starting in June 2013, I purchased my Model D Indoor Rower in October 2013. Since that time I have continued to improve relative to the Rankings on the Concept2 Logbook and am maintaining my weight which is now 70 pounds less than when I started rowing. I enjoy motivating my improvement by comparing to others in my age group. Read More ›

—Duffy Floyd

I joined Concept2 online to be able to log my rows and compare my efforts. I purchased a Concept2 Indoor Rower after having trouble running. My aim is to complete a marathon within 6 months and continuously improve my times. Read More ›

—Craig Baker

And it is—without a doubt—the only exercise equipment that I’ve used on a continuous basis (three to four times a week) over such a long period. Read More ›

—Dick Goldsmith

I started rowing in a more dedicated fashion, and started using the Concept2 Online Logbook about five years ago, after I found I had to stop cycling due to knee damage, an all too common story.

After using tired gym examples, I bought my own Concept2 Indoor Rower and have not looked back from that point. The exercise is great. I have no more knee pain and have far better upper body strength. It's a fantastic cardiovascular workout every time! Read More ›

—David Large

I'm 51 years old, born in Scotland but now living in Cambridge. I first tried the Concept2 Indoor Rower in 2003 when I joined a gym. I found it an ideal non-impact cardiovascular workout for someone with dodgy knees. In 2007 I bought a Concept2 Indoor Rower of my own and did not renew my gym membership. In 2008 I discovered the online log, joined a virtual team and competed as a lightweight in the British Indoor Rowing Championship, at which I set a personal best of 7:17.0 for 2000m which I haven't bettered since. Read More ›

—Stewart Aitken

During my regular visits to the gym I found myself on the Concept2 Indoor Rower over and over again. I've tried all the other equipment, but only the erg kept calling me back. In the summer of 2005 I decided to buy my own. In the seven years since I've rowed over 14 million metres and I'm still going strong! About two years ago I joined the C2TweetCrew, a then small group of twitter based erg fanatics. It was the start of increasing intensity as we keep motivating each other. Read More ›

—Wim Oosterveld

I've done a LOT of sporadic rowing over the years (without any commitment to keeping track), then I discovered committed rowing improved my blood glucose... and that LOTS of rowing VASTLY improved my diabetes—to where my daily numbers are usually in the "healthy/normal" range (>110) and steady throughout the day. My endocrinologist has reduced my insulin dosage twice in the past year. It's my dream to someday row myself off ALL diabetic medications. I found that logging online caused me to row MUCH more consistently (my kids say constantly). Read More ›


I truly enjoy the full-body workout the Concept2 is giving me and I am now a dedicated fan. Read More ›

—Trygve Skaar