World Adaptive Records | Concept2

World Adaptive Records

In accordance with the Concept2 world record requirements, all the 2000 meter records listed below were rowed at a Concept2 sanctioned indoor rowing event with witnesses present, and without the use of Slides. Season represents the Ranking Season, which runs from May 1–April 30 every year.

Concept2 recognizes adaptive world records for the following adaptive classifications:

  • PR1 (Arms and Shoulders)
  • PR2 (Trunk and Arms)
  • PR3 Overall (Leg, Trunk and Arms)
  • PR3 (VI) (Leg, Trunk and Arms—Visual Impairment)
  • PR3 (ID) (Leg, Trunk and Arms—Intellectual Disability)
  • PR3 (AK) (Leg, Trunk and Arms—Above the Knee Amputee)
  • PR3 (SA) (Leg, Trunk and Arms—Single Arm)
  • PR3 (PD) (Leg, Trunk and Arms—Physical Disability)
  • PR3 (GD) (Leg, Trunk and Arms—Genetic Dwarfism)
  • FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation)
  • FES (AR) (Functional Electrical Stimulation with Assisted Return)

For more details on each classification, please refer to the Adaptive Classifications page.

Classification Event Category Naam Gender Gewicht Leeftijd Land Record Seizoen Source
PR2 1 30-39 Eric Frazier M 34 USA 222m 2018 Race result
PR2 100 30-39 Corné De Koning M 31 NED 0:16.8 2021 PM Verification Code
PR2 1000 30-39 Corné De Koning M 31 NED 3:15.9 2021 PM Verification Code
PR2 2000 30-39 Corné De Koning M 30 NED 6:56.4 2020 Race result
PR2 21097 30-39 Shaun Whiter M 31 GBR 1:41:24.6 2021 PM Verification Code
PR2 4 30-39 James Saville M 39 AUS 1139m 2023 Race result
PR2 500 30-39 Peter Brown M 37 AUS 1:36.3 2020 Race result
PR2 6000 30-39 Corné De Koning M 31 NED 21:59.9 2021 PM Verification Code