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Sharing Machines? Here’s How to Save Your Data

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Jul 01, 2020

Multiple athletes may use one Concept2 machine. How can you save your own workout results and keep them separate from those of your friends or family members?

The easiest place to keep all your workouts organized is in the free Concept2 Online Logbook. Each athlete can set up his or her own profile. In the logbook, it’s easy to analyze results, rank your best efforts, or join a motivational challenge.

Once you've got your online logbook set up, there are several ways to enter results:

The easiest way to transfer your workout data from the PM5 to the online logbook is by using our own free ErgData app. The ErgData app allows you to connect your smartphone to the PM5. Pair your phone, do your workout, and then sync your results! Your data will be handy in your pocket (on your smartphone) in addition to the logbook.

Alternatively, each athlete can use a USB Flash Drive. Then, you can save or transfer workouts from the PM5 to your USB. Using the Concept2 Utility, you can transfer workouts to the online logbook. Results from your workout can always be entered manually.

If you forgot to record your workout, you can go back to the PM5 Memory to see all workouts. You’ll just need to identify which workout is yours. Whichever method you use, recording your workouts is the best way to see your progress!

Join the online logbook today!

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