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Additional Resources

For software developers, Concept2 can offer the following additional resources. Some are developed by Concept2, some are from third parties. All are provided on an ‘As-Is’ basis without support or warranty.


The PMI or Performance Monitor Interface is a software tool aimed at simplifying the task of developing ICT applications that are capable of processing data from the PM3 and PM4 Monitors used on the Concept2 Indoor Rower.
The PMI is an ActiveX control designed for communicating with the Performance Monitor. ActiveX Controls are effectively self contained packages that, once installed, can be used within any Microsoft Office Application.
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Please inquire to for information on developing for Android. Only Android devices with hardware and firmware that supports a proper USB Host (or USB OTG) and Android OS 3.1 or higher will work. For more information on which devices are compatible, please see


The source code and plans for a complete project utilizing the Freeduino USB host board to connect to a PM3 or PM4 monitor is available as an example. A subversion client is needed for download.
Download source code


Please send an inquiry to for information on developing for iOS utilizing the iConnectConcept2 cable.

PM5 Bluetooth Smart

The PM5 contains Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0) wireless capability to connect with any Bluetooth Smart device, such as a mobile phone or computer. Concept2 encourages third party software developers to make apps for the PM5. Download the PM5 Bluetooth Smart Specification

Please Note:

  • Consult the document history listed in the specification for the minimum PM5 firmware version required to enable the Bluetooth Smart wireless interface.
  • This specification is subject to change.
  • Bluetooth Smart is not available on the PM3 or PM4.

QT for Windows

For an example application, the Watt Challenge source code is available under LGPL license.
Download source code